Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
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Total surnames1,837
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Total events11,724
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Earliest birth year1228Ruthger
Birth about 1228 -
Latest birth year2018This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1337Dirck Rutghers
Birth about 1260 32 - Pernis, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Death after 1337 (Age 77) -
Latest death year2018 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Individual who lived the longest98Arij Corneliszn Voogt
Birth about May 28, 1629 - Poortugaal, Albrandswaard, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Death October 18, 1727 (Age 98) - Poortugaal, Albrandswaard, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Average age at death48Males: 48   Females: 48
Family with the most children16Johannes Schewe + Margaretha Willemsdr Dries
Marriage June 24, 1841 - Schiedam, Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Average number of children per family2.20 
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March 13, 2010 - 8:05:04 a.m.
Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
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Lamberta Christina van SchijndelSchijndel,Lamberta ChristinaNovember 20, 18760143143Birth
Willem HoutmanHoutman,WillemNovember 20, 18341185185Birth
Arij van VlaardingenVlaardingen,ArijNovember 20, 18292190190Death
Adriana Bastiaensdr den Halsden Hals,Adriana BastiaensdrNovember 20, 18273192192Death
Johannes MaagdelijnMaagdelijn,JohannesNovember 20, 18074212212Death
Sijmen van der GraafGraaf,SijmenNovember 20, 17945225225Birth
Marijtje LandmanLandman,MarijtjeNovember 20, 17586261261Death
Elizabeth van der HarchHarch,ElizabethNovember 20, 17267293293Birth
Jan van DoornDoorn,JanNovember 20, 17238296296Birth
Arij RookRook,ArijNovember 20, 17229297297Death
Maria RijsbergenRijsbergen,MariaNovember 20, 171210307307Birth
Jan SchuijerSchuijer,JanNovember 20, 171211307307Birth
Lidia ZwaanZwaan,LidiaNovember 20, 170712312312Birth
Engellijn van JaersveltJaersvelt,EngellijnNovember 20, 170113318318Birth
Cornelis VermeerVermeer,CornelisNovember 20, 169414325325Birth
Ferdinand Houtenbrink + Anna Maria van GentHoutenbrink,Ferdinand + Gent,Anna MariaNovember 20, 179115228228Marriage
Lambertus van Gent + Christina de KoningGent,Lambertus + Koning,ChristinaNovember 20, 179116228228Marriage
Henricus Roovers + Maria VorstenboschRoovers,Henricus + Vorstenbosch,MariaNovember 20, 174617273273Marriage
Pieter van der Harch + Maria Catharina PrinsHarch,Pieter + Prins,Maria CatharinaNovember 20, 171218307307Marriage
Adriaen Adriaenszn van Aelst + Maria Jansdr DorpsAelst,Adriaen Adriaenszn + Dorps,Maria JansdrNovember 20, 168719332332Marriage
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