Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
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Total surnames1,837
Media objects31
Total events11,745
Total users3
Earliest birth year1228Ruthger
Birth about 1228 -
Latest birth year2018This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1337Dirck Rutghers
Birth about 1260 32 - Pernis, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Death after 1337 (Age 77) -
Latest death year2022 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Individual who lived the longest99This information is private and cannot be shown.
Average age at death48Males: 48   Females: 48
Family with the most children16Johannes Schewe + Margaretha Willemsdr Dries
Marriage June 24, 1841 - Schiedam, Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Average number of children per family2.20 
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March 13, 2010 - 8:05:04 a.m.
Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
On this day
Trijntje LampingLamping,TrijntjeOctober 3, 18660156156Death
Catharina Barbara van SchaickSchaick,Catharina BarbaraOctober 3, 18421180180Birth
Arij de WinterWinter,ArijOctober 3, 18202202202Birth
Sijmen van der GraafGraaf,SijmenOctober 3, 17953227227Death
Anna Margaretha PetersPeters,Anna MargarethaOctober 3, 17734249249Birth
Daniel Fransz. KoppenolKoppenol,Daniel Fransz.October 3, 17635259259Death
Krijn RunnekerRunneker,KrijnOctober 3, 17596263263Birth
Jacobus RemkesRemkes,JacobusOctober 3, 17587264264Birth
Ary 't Hart't Hart,AryOctober 3, 17518271271Birth
Sijmen van UitertUitert,SijmenOctober 3, 17459277277Birth
Henricus van AalstAalst,HenricusOctober 3, 173010292292Birth
Jenneken SchildersSchilders,JennekenOctober 3, 172311299299Birth
Joanna RuijsRuijs,JoannaOctober 3, 172012302302Birth
Jacob van ZijpveltZijpvelt,JacobOctober 3, 171713305305Birth
Maria MaagdelijnMaagdelijn,MariaOctober 3, 171614306306Birth
Anna van MolMol,AnnaOctober 3, 167415348348Birth
Willem Wolf + Andrika MarinusWolf,Willem + Marinus,AndrikaOctober 3, 187216150150Marriage
Gijsbert van Schaick + Dorethea SmitSchaick,Gijsbert + Smit,DoretheaOctober 3, 179417228228Marriage
Antonius Verhoeckx + Jacoba HoijmansVerhoeckx,Antonius + Hoijmans,JacobaOctober 3, 179118231231Marriage
Arij Kranendonk + Neeltje Cornelisdr van BorselenKranendonk,Arij + Borselen,Neeltje CornelisdrOctober 3, 179019232232Marriage
Gabriël Johanneszn Brouwers + Maria PasijBrouwers,Gabriël Johanneszn + Pasij,MariaOctober 3, 177320249249Marriage
Leendert Cleaszn Langendoen + Susanna Willemsdr LugtenburgLangendoen,Leendert Cleaszn + Lugtenburg,Susanna WillemsdrOctober 3, 173421288288Marriage
Henricus Dries + Jannetje Mees LeeuweschiltDries,Henricus + Leeuweschilt,Jannetje MeesOctober 3, 172822294294Marriage
Govert Janszn van 't Hof + Jaapje Jansdr van der Mast't Hof,Govert Janszn + Mast,Jaapje JansdrOctober 3, 171723305305Marriage
Pieter Segerszn de Hoog + Marritje Jacobsdr BlokHoog,Pieter Segerszn + Blok,Marritje JacobsdrOctober 3, 170624316316Marriage
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