Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
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Total surnames1,837
Media objects31
Total events11,745
Total users3
Earliest birth year1228Ruthger
Birth about 1228 -
Latest birth year2018This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1337Dirck Rutghers
Birth about 1260 32 - Pernis, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Death after 1337 (Age 77) -
Latest death year2022 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Individual who lived the longest99This information is private and cannot be shown.
Average age at death48Males: 48   Females: 48
Family with the most children16Johannes Schewe + Margaretha Willemsdr Dries
Marriage June 24, 1841 - Schiedam, Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Average number of children per family2.20 
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March 13, 2010 - 8:05:04 a.m.
Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
On this day
Christoffel Antonius van SchijndelSchijndel,Christoffel AntoniusAugust 19, 18730149149Death
Klaas LangendoenLangendoen,KlaasAugust 19, 18591163163Birth
Johannes Hendricus ScheweSchewe,Johannes HendricusAugust 19, 18542168168Death
Cornelis BallijnsBallijns,CornelisAugust 19, 18353187187Death
Teuntje VermeerVermeer,TeuntjeAugust 19, 18254197197Birth
Anneke KriekenKrieken,AnnekeAugust 19, 18195203203Birth
Adrianus de VeldVeld,AdrianusAugust 19, 17866236236Birth
Dina van DijklandDijkland,DinaAugust 19, 17817241241Birth
Cornelia BrugmanBrugman,CorneliaAugust 19, 17818241241Birth
Anna Cornelisdr VermeulenVermeulen,Anna CornelisdrAugust 19, 17729250250Death
Willemke van HaaftenHaaften,WillemkeAugust 19, 176410258258Birth
Gerrit de KruijfKruijf,GerritAugust 19, 176411258258Birth
Dirkje van SchaickSchaick,DirkjeAugust 19, 175912263263Birth
Jacob BoutkanBoutkan,JacobAugust 19, 175913263263Birth
Antje TweehuisTweehuis,AntjeAugust 19, 175414268268Birth
Maartje LieveLieve,MaartjeAugust 19, 173115291291Death
Pietertje KnegtKnegt,PietertjeAugust 19, 172616296296Birth
Agata OutshoornOutshoorn,AgataAugust 19, 171417308308Birth
Claas VoorbeerVoorbeer,ClaasAugust 19, 170318319319Birth
Antonie RuijsRuijs,AntonieAugust 19, 169819324324Birth
Weintje TrompertTrompert,WeintjeAugust 19, 169620326326Birth
Artien ClopClop,ArtienAugust 19, 167721345345Birth
Cornelis de Jong + Annetje SpeelmanJong,Cornelis + Speelman,AnnetjeAugust 19, 177022252252Marriage
Jan Vrijhof + Ingetje MastenbroekVrijhof,Jan + Mastenbroek,IngetjeAugust 19, 175923263263Marriage
Willem Joostzn Meinderts + Magdaleentje Jacobsdr HoogwerfMeinderts,Willem Joostzn + Hoogwerf,Magdaleentje JacobsdrAugust 19, 173124291291Marriage
Willem Meindert + Magdaleentje Jacobsdr HoogwerfMeindert,Willem + Hoogwerf,Magdaleentje JacobsdrAugust 19, 173125291291Marriage
Jan Dircks Vent + Maria Heijndricksdr van VeenVent,Jan Dircks + Veen,Maria HeijndricksdrAugust 19, 169726325325Marriage
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