Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
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Total surnames1,837
Media objects31
Total events11,744
Total users3
Earliest birth year1228Ruthger
Birth about 1228 -
Latest birth year2018This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1337Dirck Rutghers
Birth about 1260 32 - Pernis, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Death after 1337 (Age 77) -
Latest death year2021 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Individual who lived the longest99This information is private and cannot be shown.
Average age at death48Males: 48   Females: 48
Family with the most children16Johannes Schewe + Margaretha Willemsdr Dries
Marriage June 24, 1841 - Schiedam, Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, NLD
Average number of children per family2.20 
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March 13, 2010 - 8:05:04 a.m.
Stamboom 't Hart-Oudshoorn
On this day
Hendrikus Johannes RebersRebers,Hendrikus JohannesOctober 22, 19100111111Death
Hermanus HamerslagHamerslag,HermanusOctober 22, 18971124124Death
Johanna SabeelSabeel,JohannaOctober 22, 18592162162Death
Pieter TweehuizenTweehuizen,PieterOctober 22, 18383183183Death
Willem Jacobszn VethVeth,Willem JacobsznOctober 22, 18274194194Death
Adriana de VeldVeld,AdrianaOctober 22, 17835238238Birth
Ongedoopt kind OudshoornOudshoorn,Ongedoopt kindOctober 22, 17766245245Death
Albarta Christina HamerslagHamerslag,Albarta ChristinaOctober 22, 17757246246Birth
Paulus VethVeth,PaulusOctober 22, 17418280280Birth
Kind VilleriusVillerius,KindOctober 22, 17209301301Death
Gerrit van der GraafGraaf,GerritOctober 22, 171910302302Birth
Neeltje BakkerBakker,NeeltjeOctober 22, 170211319319Birth
Marike van Spanje(n)Spanje(n),MarikeOctober 22, 170212319319Birth
Sibilla BergBerg,SibillaOctober 22, 170213319319Birth
Jakomijntje van HeijkoopHeijkoop,JakomijntjeOctober 22, 169814323323Birth
Jacob BlokBlok,JacobOctober 22, 167915342342Birth
Aerjaentje MastenbroekMastenbroek,AerjaentjeOctober 22, 166216359359Birth
Jan van Vliet + Cornelia AlderliestenVliet,Jan + Alderliesten,CorneliaOctober 22, 186217159159Marriage
Nicolaas van Schaick + Petronella van AkenSchaick,Nicolaas + Aken,PetronellaOctober 22, 184518176176Marriage
Pieter Hans + Jannetje 't HartHans,Pieter + 't Hart,JannetjeOctober 22, 183219189189Marriage
Dirk Speelman + Teuna VilleriusSpeelman,Dirk + Villerius,TeunaOctober 22, 183020191191Marriage
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